Why Access Control Systems

Access control systems enable you to control who has access to your building or secure areas.

You can do the same thing with locks and keys, but what happens when keys are lost or stolen? Worst than that, consider the implications of what happens if keys are duplicated. Would you even know?

The inconvenience and expense of re-keying locks and re-issuing keys can be considerable. What about the expense of replacing stolen assets, stolen data or information, or worst, loss of life?

Electronic access control helps keep assets, data, and persons secure while keeping threats out.

Benefits of Electronic Access Control

Everyone has assets, information, and persons that need to be protected. Unlike traditional locks and keys, electronic access control provides a convenient and effective way of securing your building, assets, data, records, information, and employees.

Some key benefits include:

  • Lost/Stolen Keys - No need for re-keying locks and re-issuing keys.
  • Employee Termination - Quickly and easily disable access to all areas.
  • Security - Key-cards and key-fobs cannot be duplicated like traditional keys.
  • Time and Day Restriction - Ability to allow or deny access by time, day, or holiday schedule.
  • Automatic Locking/Unlocking - Easily control unattended access points.
  • Arming Re-Lock - Automatically re-lock doors when security system is armed.
  • Event Logging - See who, where, and when a user enters a protected area.
  • Audit Trail - Stop employee time card fraud and log access attempts to restricted areas.
  • Emergency Lock-Down - Flip of a switch lock down during emergency situations.
  • Liability and Insurance Reduction - Significantly reduce liability exposure and insurance costs.
  • Security System Integration - Seem-less integration to disallow access when system is armed.
  • Local or Remote System Admin - System administrators can manage all aspects of the access control system locally or remotely.

Today's Security

A lot has changed since International Signal started 57 years ago. Data and information threats continue to rise at an alarming rate. Schools and day care providers are under constant threat. Fortunately, technology can easily mitigate many of these threats. The cost of an electronic access control system is often less than the cost of damages or loss from a single threat.

Access Control Gallery

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Customized Access Control System
Controlling Several Doors of a
Local Medical Facility

Various Proximity Readers

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