Security Systems

Security Systems, often referred to as Burglar Alarms or Intruder Detection Systems, are designed and installed to not only detect intruders but many other events and problems, and notify the you of the event.

Here are some of the more popular events and situations a security system can detect and notify you when it happens:

  • Perimeter and Interior Entry
  • Fire & Carbon Monoxide
  • Police, Medic, and Fire Emergency
  • Holdup and Panic Buttons
  • Low Temperature / Freeze Alarm
  • Basement or Other High Water

Security System Quotes & Installation

Because every job has different security requirements and different building construction, most security system quotes or proposals will require a quick site visit to access your needs.

Once the quote is approved, International Signal's team will professionally install and test your system in addition to providing the necessary training.

Security System Service and Maintenance

International Signal has been repairing and maintaining security systems for 57 years. As an industry leader, we help you minimize system downtime with fast professional service that is unmatched in the industry.

If you have a problem contact us for prompt, reliable service.

You Can See The Difference

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Alarm System Monitoring

When it comes to security system monitoring - We get the Signal, and we get it FAST!

Trust the experts at International Signal, Inc. to quickly get your alarm signal to the proper authorities. We utilize a variety of technologies and can recommend the most cost effective solution to get you connected to our UL Listed Central Station or your local police department.

  • Starlink LTE Cellular - Most Popular
  • AES Mesh Network
  • IP Network
  • POTS (phone line) - Deprecated

MA and NH Starlink Pros


No Phone, No Problem!

When your premise no longer uses traditional phone lines for communication, fear not, we can quickly and easily upgrade any existing system to utilize our LTE cellular network communications.